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A loan can be a great help, isn’t it? And the good news is that it no longer has to be a headache. Concerns about payments can be avoided and red tape reduced. This is thanks to the payroll loan for employees.

Let’s see how it works?

The payroll loan

The payroll loan

Payroll loan is a form of personal credit and can be used for any purpose. However, it is only available to people with a formal job or to INSS beneficiaries. This type of operation has several advantages. These include lower interest rates and ease for the human resources sector of an organization, whether public or private. This is possible because the bank automatically deducts the money from the employee’s account.

Payroll loan for CLT

Payroll loan for CLT

For the formal worker, payroll loans work in a more specific way. He will need to contact the human resources department of the company he works to facilitate the process with the bank.

Many people are embarrassed to make this request and prefer to continue with the problem than have to go through it. And all this assuming that the organization has no agreement with a bank or a specialized company in the middle of this relationship with the financial institution.

From then on, the company and the bank will act together and exchange information so that the loan is released as quickly as possible to the borrower. Each employee is entitled to use a credit limit previously set by the contracting company.

The advantages for the employee

The advantages for the employeeThe advantages for the employee

Normally, we take out loans to cover an emergency, stabilize our financial life or make an achievement. But we know that unexpected situations can happen over the loan repayment time. As such, lower interest rates help to minimize the financial impact should this happen.

Payroll loans bring even more advantages, such as the ease of renegotiating the outstanding balance with the institution and the convenience of doing the process without the bureaucracy of banks. In addition, credit is obtained quickly, without intermediaries and complications. Companies offer yet another advantage; the comfort of conducting this entire process of requesting and managing resource assignment online. This means not having to ask HR for help getting the credit.

This enables these services to be delivered smoothly, quickly and with complete privacy of data and information.

The impacts for the company

The impacts for the companyThe impacts for the company

The company does not have to worry about practically anything. The liability is not left to you in case of default and the lines of credit of your business are not compromised at any time.

There are studies that show how much personal concerns interfere with people’s productivity. Therefore, offering a resource that eliminates employees’ financial problems or provides them with personal fulfillment tends to generate positive results for business numbers.

In addition, credit companies provide complete process management by controlling credit limits, lowering installments, and providing required information. This all happens automatically without overloading the personnel department.


The number of payroll-deductible loans is increasing, especially in the private sector. The solution is simple, secure and provides no increase in debt.

In addition, organizations are increasingly concerned with providing employee benefits and increasing employee productivity. The people management department acts contributing not only in the internal environment but also in the external environment of the company.

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