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Loan and Credit stands out as one of the largest banks in the country today, a statement that is not only for the personal and / or employee customer, but Loan and Credit also wants to be perfect for the entrepreneur and his company!

In addition to offering the ease of accessing and moving your account without leaving the comfort of your home, Loan and Credit offers its clients several business credits that allow them to upgrade their business finances in a short time, or to plan and enable future long-term developments. From individual microentrepreneurs to large and renowned companies, this bank offers a special line of credit for all your needs.

Loan and Credit Short Term Credits

Loan and Credit Short Term Credits

Working capital

A credit available especially to optimize your cash flow, having several advantages and, among them, the possibility of offering sales with cards or solidarity debtor as a guarantee of your investment. In addition, you have the option to choose the number of installments that fits your business needs.

This can be hired from the nearest branch, with an Loan and Credit attendant or even at an ATM (self-service), or from your mobile device (smartphone or IOS) in the comfort of your home or business office. .

Receivables Anticipation

If your company has long-term receipts on post-dated checks, bank slips, duplicates and credit cards, but you currently need this money to get your business going, Loan and Credit offers you the possibility to prepay your receivables. and not allow for a drop in the company’s cash flow, payments and contingencies.

To proceed with this operation, it is necessary to have card machines accredited by Loan and Credit partners, as well as bank receipts and banners, Anticipation and Discounts Agreement and credit limit to perform the operation.

Sales can be anticipated up to 365 days before the original due date, the money will be added to your account immediately or on pre-determined dates yourself, and for payment to the bank, the start date is up to you. .

Overdraft (LIS)

The overdraft offered by Banco Loan and Credit (and other banks in the country) is also known by many as a ‘checking account limit’, which is a cash amount set aside in your account for any unforeseen business that you follow. directly on your bank statement.

Interest on overdraft is only paid using the amount available for it in your account, as this is ideal for the short term, if you need to negotiate the payment, Loan and Credit is also willing to negotiate.

Guaranteed Business Account

Guaranteed Business Account

The Business Guaranteed Account is a contractual account (that is, provided at the time of contract) with easy-to-move credit limits that your business can use at any time.

The redemption of the limit, which will be guaranteed in various ways – duplicates, checks, card diary, among others – can be easily made through the internet of your home or business or by your Loan and Credit business manager.

Instant Credit

Instant credit is a very short-term loan, made for the immediate needs of the business, especially when money needs to be in your hand within minutes.

In this money is immediately credited to the company’s account and calculated on simple interest rate, ie this money will be paid back to Loan and Credit in only a portion consisting of the amount borrowed plus interest and IOF, which will be moderated over time. that the customer wants to pay. So if you want a longer time to make this payment to the bank, then there will also be higher interest, taking into account the rate table of Loan and Credit.

Loan and Credit Bank Long Term Credit


For companies that want evolution in their market, mechanization and / or modernization of production with a higher investment value, but cutting costs and making long-term profits, Loan and Credit launches a special credit line!

CDC– Direct Customer Credit

With CDC Loan and Credit you hire new machinery and equipment or transportation vehicles, whether light or heavy, in a practical way, with competitive conditions and freedom to pay according to your possibilities.

The minimum amount to make a CDC is R $ 5,000.00 of investment, with the possibility of full financing of the asset, so Loan and Credit pays the supplier in cash and you are only responsible for negotiating the financing amount with the bank.

To make it easier, your company has up to 48 months to start the payment, thus aiming at the return on the investment and having as security the own acquired, causing less risk to the business.

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