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The population is increasingly entrepreneurial, and is seeking loans to open or expand their own business. Learn how Loan and Credit’s microcredit program works and how to contract.

Microcredit at Loan and Credit is a loan program aimed at small entrepreneurs who usually do not have access to conventional forms of credit.

Loan and Credit is one of the major Brazilian banks offering this service, where interest rates are attractive to those who want to undertake without compromising much of their monthly income. Check out!


How Loan and Credit Microcredit Works

How Loan and Credit Microcredit Works

If you are a small business owner and want to invest in your own business, you can turn to Loan and Credit’s Productive Oriented Microcredit (MPO) program. Its purpose is to provide guidance and follow-up at the place of business during the credit utilization period.

In addition to the differentiated guidance, which is outsourced by a contractor, Loan and Credit has the lowest interest rates among competitors, which can reach 0.40% per month or 5% per year. The loan is also exempt from Financial Operations Tax (IOF).

The product is in line with the Federal Government National Microcredit Program. With it the worker can expand his working capital and make investments in equipment and improvements in its facilities.

The result of this investment is to add value to your activity and achieve a prominent place in the job market.

Conditions for contracting Loan and Credit Microcredit

Conditions for contracting Loan and Credit Microcredit

Loan and Credit serves both individuals and companies. To count on this benefit, the person concerned must:

    • be an account holder of the institution
    • have an annual gross income of up to R $ 60,000 for individual microentrepreneurs (MEI) or
    • up to R $ 120 thousand for micro companies.

The credit amount and conditions are defined after the assessment of the activity and the payment capacity of the enterprise. In some cases it is necessary to present the personal guarantee of third parties, and will be subject to registration and credit approval.

Deadlines for the payment of Loan and Credit Microcredit

There are two lines of credit offered: one for cash flow (working capital) and one for investment with up to R $ 15,000 limit. The term to pay depends on the type of investment. Check out the details in the following table:

How to contract Loan and Credit Microcredit

To borrow Loan and Credit microcredit, you must go to the bank branch and apply for the loan. The outsourced agent will then visit the venture site to learn about the business and pass on the following guidelines to the Bank:

  1. The agent will collect some information about you and your establishment;
  2. Will evaluate your business for risks;
  3. Will make an assessment of your financial condition to ensure repayment of the loan;
  4. It will survey the real need for credit;
  5. Provide guidance for business planning;
  6. Will monitor during the contract period.

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